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PMO - Lead Engineer


We are looking for a high calibre candidate with passion in technical solutions and business-orientation setting in the construction industry. If you are looking for a company of “care and perform” and work with a team to deliver results, join us as a Lead Engineer.

What does the role involve?
As a Lead Engineer, you will be part of the Project Management Office (PMO) and direct your efforts towards implementing the Hilti strategy by providing highly differentiated solutions to our Top Accounts. You will join a global community of highly motivated and passionate professionals, working with leading Italian and international players, such as owners, EPC’s, specifiers form the Energy & Industry construction world.
Your main responsibilities:

• Engineering of different applications as support engineer based on Hilti modular support systems (BU INS portfolio) using Hilti proprietary software (PROFIS Installation suite) or based on Oglaend System portfolio using existing typicals derived from FEM analysis SW “P4D”

• Design of modular support solutions in Autodesk Inventor 3D

• Develop project specific best practice manuals and consult customer engineers how to use Hilti / Oglaend modular support system typicals in the most efficient way (including collaboration in customer office for some limited time or being present during construction phase to cover onsite design needs)

• Engineering of anchor or direct fastening or firestop or cast-in solutions using either the Hilti proprietary software suite “PROFIS” or the technical manual

• Write engineering reports (calculation notes) for designed applications

• Derive bill of materials from design work and provide it to other Hilti departments (e.g. supply chain)

• Collaborate on project execution with different Hilti departments such as sales, global logistics or finance within own market organization or across countries

• Ensure the adherence to relevant codes and Hilti standards in project engineering

• In case of BIM/3D projects, develop specific solution in direct contact with BIM Competence Center in Rotterdam or other Global Support Functions.

What do we offer?
We’ll give you everything you need to excel in your role, including ongoing training and lots of responsibility from the start. In return for your exceptional performance and consistent results, you’ll receive one-to-one career mentoring, as well as exciting career opportunities.

Why should you apply?
We have a team that is highly diversified when it comes to talents and competencies, very dynamic, innovative and productive. Being part of a team like this is going to help you to strengthen your personal abilities, as well as professional skills.

What you need is:
Degree in Civil or Mechanical Engineering;

Il Gruppo Hilti è tra i leader mondiali specializzati nello sviluppo, produzione e commercializzazione di prodotti, e sistemi per i professionisti dell’edilizia. Fondato nel 1941 a Schaan, nel Principato del Liechtenstein, oggi conta più di 20.000 collaboratori in oltre 120 paesi nel mondo.
Costantemente impegnato nella ricerca di soluzioni altamente innovative e di elevata qualità, le attività del Gruppo si caratterizzano per l’attenzione verso la creazione di una stretta relazione con la propria clientela attraverso un marketing efficace.
Hilti Italia è una tra le principali realtà del gruppo Hilti e, dal 2010, coordina la Region Southern Europe, che comprende: Grecia, Israele, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Croazia, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia e Bosnia.
La nostra è una cultura di valori forti: integrità, coraggio, lavoro di squadra ed impegno.