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COURSE LEADER - Accompagnatore viaggi studio


As a Course Leader you will travel abroad with your own group of students during summer 2022. Language Travel trips last from two to four weeks depending on the course and the destination. You will have to be available for the students whenever they need you. Together you will do lots of different activities, dance at discos, play football or just hang out at the beach. You will work in an international environment where you meet people from all over the world. The students are between 7-17 years old and they study English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese or Korean. Even though there are lots of fun activities and excursions planned for the students, YOU can make a great impact on the students’ experience by being a great leader!

Course Leader duties

• Travel together with the students from Italy to the destination (UK, Ireland, Malta, USA, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, France, Japan or Korea).
• Cooperate with your local leader. Do research about different activities and plan your stay and the activity chart together with local staff.
• Be available for your students 24/7. There may be situations where you have to make quick decisions as a leader.
• Make sure no one is feeling left out, group dynamics is a big part of being a Course Leader. You have to be able to sense if something is wrong or if there is a student in need of your help.
• Make sure the students are following the EF rules which they all have read and signed. Participate in different group meetings with other staff at the destination. Work late hours, for example at the discos.

EF Education First è una società internazionale specializzata in formazione linguistica, viaggi studio, corsi di laurea e scambi culturali.