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UniCredit S.p.A

The ICT & Cyber Risk team is responsible for defining guidelines for assessing, managing, and monitoring ICT and Cyber Risks within UniCredit Group, overseeing such risks, and supporting local Operational Risk Managers in executing risk evaluation, and monitoring specific phenomena on behalf. The team is also acting as local ICT & Cyber Risk Management for UniCredit Services.

Main activities
• Define the ICT & Cyber Risk management framework, coordinate and monitor its implementation in the Group Legal Entities and its continuous evolution;
• Monitor at Group level the implementation and the results of the actions aimed at mitigating ICT and Cyber risks, also through the analysis of risk indicators, controls, or dedicated oversight activities
• Support the definition of the Risk Appetite methodology for ICT and Cyber risks
• Contribute, in cooperation with the competent technical functions to the analysis of relevant ICT and Cyber incidents and to the evaluation of the potential lessons learned
• Perform a periodical risk evaluation of the ICT and Cyber Strategies and of the related execution plans
• Define and maintain the methodology for evaluating ICT and Cyber Risks on Processes
• Define the methodology for evaluating ICT and Cyber Risks on ICT Projects, and contribute to the evaluation of most relevant ICT and Cyber Risk Projects Assessments
• Define, in cooperation with other relevant structures, the setup of a risk-based approach to Operational Resilience
Outcomes of activities are regularly reported in Group and UniCredit Services Risk Committees, as well in dedicated Top Management meetings.

Key tasks:
To deal with such articulated environment, the resource has to daily challenge itself with a fast-paced and digital transforming business environment, having the possibility to build up new skills on a very crucial area, nurturing specific knowledge on cyber risk models, ICT and Cyber risk management strategies and controls
Within the ongoing setup of the Group Digital Governance, the resource, in cooperation with senior staff of the ICT & Cyber Risk team, will support the risk approach to Digital and Cyber resilience, by defining methodological approaches, assuring alignment to regulatory frameworks, and supporting the definition of a risk control framework on Operational Resilience.
In addition, the relevance of this topic within Risk Management, will ensure exposure to various other functions (both Business and Digital ones), and UCG senior management.

• Minded on the technology risk governance area
• Willing to learn cybersecurity policies and procedures
• Attitude on continuous learning on standards and guidelines on financial risks, and Digital Resilience strategies within financial services
• Well-inclined on examine international regulatory frameworks
• Disposed to master cybersecurity best practices
• Rounded with analytics approaches
Mandatory: English, Microsoft Office tools

UniCredit is a leading commercial bank in Europe with an international network distributed in 50 markets, with more than 8,600 branches and over 148,400 employees. The Group operates in 17 European countries.
UniCredit is characterized by a strong European identity, an extensive international presence and a wide customer base.
The strategic position, both in Western and Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), allows the group to have one of the highest market shares in the area.
The Group is active in the following countries: Austria, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine and Hungary.